Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Boots 17 Falsifeye Review


So as promised, here's my review of Boots 17 Falsifeye Mascara and the Gel Eyeliner that came free with it.

I am always on the look out for a miracle mascara that will transform my boyish, flat, short, pathetic excuse for eyelashes haha. I have been really tempted to get those semi permanent extensions, but I don't think I could afford it, and would big fake eyelashes fit behind my glasses?? Haha.
Anyway, considering I usually look like I have no eyelashes, I think you'll agree the result of using this mascara isn't bad! But do they look false? Hmm...

The brush is really fat and means you get good coverage without it getting really messy.

The eyeliner goes on well. Its very soft so won't give the clear, precise line I'm used to with the Eyeko Graffiti Pen I use, but its still quite nice. I had a bit of an issue with the eyeliner being so creamy that it started to smudge a lot and even print on the top of my eyelids, which was really annoying. I wiped it off and carried on getting ready with the plan of just taking it all off afterwards, but actually it turned out ok. No more mess so I went out with it on and it lasted all day which I was pleased about.

For the price (£6.49) the mascara isn't bad, and the eyeliner was a very nice free gift, but I wouldn't buy it. I'll definitely carry on using the mascara and would consider getting it again, but I'm afraid I'm still on the lookout for my miracle mascara.
Can anyone help?? Any suggestions for a wonderful lengthening, thickening, curling, volumising mascara?? I've tried so many that promise these but am yet to find one that's not all talk. :(

Cait xxx

Ps. I really need to stop taking photos when I've just woken up- look at those bags!! haha. Getting my new camera this week hopefully, can't wait to be taking better photos, I really am sorry for the quality of these, my phone's not great xx

The One

Have you ever thought you've found The One?
I have.
Oh god I've never wanted something more. (maybe)
How gorgeous is she??
So simple yet so brilliant... I love it. (hate the pricetag)

I discovered The Kooples recently in Selfridges with my sister. She has the opinion that you're better off getting more expensive things that you'll wear more, but I just don't have the fundz! It does make a lot of sense, but I dunno...I think I buy a lot of dresses so I get a bit funny about wearing them too frequently, but then again, I could wear this skirt with sooo many different things...and it would last for ages...and its in that amazing wine colour I'm quite obsessed with...aahh I think I'm talking myself into buying it!! Poor bank balance is in for a real beating, I can feel it.
What do you think? Worth the price tag? Am I just being a cheapskate??

I've been in and out of work this week so I've just been messing about with my nails when I've been off, here are a few photos!

Did you see the Boots 17 deal that was on? Buy two products and you got a free mini nail art kit! Inside were some little nail stickers, a nail file and these 2 cute colours.
The base is Pink Grapefruit and the stripes are Knockout Red

These feel kinda futuristic-y! Unfortunately though they kept getting smudged and I think it ended up being so thick they were really rubbish, you can probably tell from the photo.
I've used 'MAC Give Me Liberty of London' Blue India for the base and then for the silver tips I've just used a very old Boots Natural Collection one.

This one I was just testing out that trick, you know where you use half of one of those sticky hole-reinforcers as a template? But after a bit I decided the colour combination made it look like a sunset haha.
The blue-ish is called Pop Up and the yellow is Taxi, both from the Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Quick Dry range.

And today I've just gone for plain nails- Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Bought the new Boots 17 Falsifeye mascara, which came with a free gel eyeliner pot, and I'll be doing a review post of both products next time!

Cait xxx