Monday, 26 September 2011

OOTD: Free hugs (and my new hi-tops!)

Semi-spur of the moment lust and I bought these hi-tops. I'm obsessed now though, I really love them! I know they're not to everyone's taste but even so they're soo funky and comfy! Major downside I've noticed though? People think I'm 15. I went into Spar for some wine in these and my Mini Mouse top and didn't just get asked for ID- he even asked me to confirm my date of birth!! So gutted. And I know the top can't have helped, but I remember not getting ID'd in Sainsbury's when I wore it. But that time I put it down to having a really old face. Just can't win!

I love this top too, bought it a while ago from Topman. I really like wearing baggy men's vests with a bandeau top underneath.

Top: Topman
Hoody: Charlotte & Co
Jeggings: H&M
Hi-tops: Sports Direct


Ring: Charity Shop
Necklace: Market shop
Bracelet: M&Co Kids

Bought the Barry M Instant Nail Effects in white, and decided to use it on a bright pink base coat. The result looked like "Eton mess on your nails" according to my friend haha! Then again, this is the friend who said I should be in a Justin Bieber video when she saw my hi-tops!! <3 (I unashamedly love a bit of Bieber though so its cool ;))

Cait xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Urban Outfitters Freshers Shopping

Tis the season to go to uni! And I am doing my shopping as I'm sure many of you also have. I got a little distracted when I started to look at coats, but then I stumbled across Urban Outfitters Homeware section... oh em gee. So much love. Think I may be willing to give up some alcoholic beverages for these things (don't worry, I'm living in the area of deals like '3 treble vodkas for £5', I will only be doing my liver a favour!!)

Its really hard to choose from their amazing selection, but I've put together a number of my favourite items. Now just imagine your dull University Halls accommodation accessorised with these things...!

Curing your Freshers hangover with a cuppa? Not sure the bright colours will sooth your pounding head, but how amazing is this mug?! Takes me back to my childhood!

Alternatively, this one made me lol!

If you're not lucky enough to live right by your lecture hall, save your pennies and rather than buying food, take a packed lunch with you in this super cool lunchbox

Use this when chopping up your ingredients for a very posh meal.... Or, more realistically, cutting your microwave pizza on..! I'm sensing a retro theme for the food items? Please don't take that so far as to start eating Spam though...It may be good for your bank balance but eeww!!

If you're popping over to somebody else's flat for pre-drinks don't worry about bringing a bottle opener; keep it with you at all times with this clever one you can keep with your real keys!!

Any science students out there? Release your inner-Geek during pre-drinks with these pretty awesome shot glasses. Eureka!

Not feeling the plastic bottles of supermarket-own lemonade topped up with vodka? Nah, me neither. Carry your, no doubt cheap, alcohol in one of these gorgeous hip flasks. The prints are all so beautiful I can't decide which to go for!

I love the vintage style to these things, and I love vintage-style posters; this looks just like one I saw in a little vintage stall in Islington whilst shopping for my sister's wedding dress last summer. Unfortunately since I'm actually studying medicine I think people will think I'm just one big nerd!! :(

If you've chosen to spend your pennies on things other than textbooks (it should be a crime for something you can't wear to be that expensive!!) then at least make your bookshelf look a bit useful with this clock; now you'll always know how late you are for your morning lecture!

For the most important thing to most young people (er, dur, sleep!) the right equipment is a necessity. Urban Outfitters have a beautiful range of duvets, most with a fab vintage feel to it. Check out this gorgeous floral duvet cover- and its reversible (just in case you spill tea on one side)!!

Not going to uni? Do what I did last year...visit other people!! Great excuse to get the fantastic nights out, visit loads of different cities and best of all, you won't be having to wake up at 9 for lectures ;)
Crash in style, with this amazing sleeping bag

Good luck to everyone starting university, I'm beginning to get really nervous, I dunno about you!!
Cait xxx

NB. Just to say, I haven't been sponsored or asked or anything to do this post- my blog's definitely not popular enough for that aha!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?...

Recently I've become totally obsessed with jumpers, is probably something to do with the fact I still have an addiction to shopping yet have banned myself from buying clothes that will be impractical for living in the freezing North East!!

So here are a collection of my favourite jumpers around at the minute


I've bought this one! Couldn't resist the sweet owl and I can't think of anything in my wardrobe it won't go with, especially the pair of maroon jeans I'm saving up for.
I have to say though, it is in competition with this adorable one; look at the hedgehogs!! All together now- "Awwww"


River Island and Boohoo

These will definitely keep you cosy. Would look cool slouchy with a bodycon black mini skirt and black tights, but also with skinny jeans and boots I reckon.

Most basic yet cool:

Also in competition for the snuggliest.

Most retro:

River Island
I absolutely love this navajo print, reminds me of the mittens and leg-warmers my mom had kept from the 80s (yes, she really is that much of a hoarder!). Yet it still has the warmth to it, with the colour and the Native American origins of the print, that steers it clear of looking like an item from George Michael's old wardrobe.

Best for budget:

Not bad for £16, eh?! Looks like it could be pretty thick as well, which is good, and that print is cute. I love it on its own but I could also imagine it with a shirt underneath so the collar's visible, a little bit geek-style!

Most impractical:

I have got to stop myself from buying this. So not very warm with the thinness and cropped style!! is gorgeous though...just look at the pretty purple colour and the cute birds...!


Its really really cool but oh my gosh that owl is actually terrifying! It looks so evil. I'll stick to my cute one, thanks!

Best twist on Dennis the Menace:

Is it possible to dress like a child's cartoon character and look cool? It would appear so! Slouchy and with sequin detail, this is so cool.

One for a night out:

ASOS (I prefer it in 'rust' though)
I would never ever have thought about wearing knitwear on a night out but the way the model looks on the catwalk I'm nearly convinced!! Unfortunately the reality is nightclubs tend to be ridiculously warm and that is super short, but if anyone's having a dressy bonfire party it would look great with tights and heels I guess??


I find this jumper so cool because I love elbow patches but this is so unique with it, yet the rest of the jumper is kept really simple, such a great result. Looks quite preppy I reckon.

And while we're on knitwear...
I want this so much! Will never be able to afford it full price though :(

So what do you think? Which one of these jumpers do you like best? Found any more awesome ones? Post me a link, I do love my online shopping!!!
Hope you're all well. Back to school/college/uni now?? Hope its going good.

Cait xxx

Ps. The answer to the joke in title is 'a wooly jumper'! (as if you didn't already know). I've since also heard an answer is 'a sweater with big pockets', but that is nowhere near as good as the proper answer I think!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Where HAVE you been?!

Hey guys, I'm so so sorry its been so long. I literally don't know what I've been doing for a month...I haven't really done anything in particular yet I feel like I've got nothing done. For example, I've only just sorted out my uni stuff which I started back in April, and I should probably be writing my notice for work right now...whooops...!

Anyway, here are some pictures as a quick update, because in all honesty I think all I've been doing is working, going out and doing online shopping... I've been on 2 weeks of night shifts so that sounds about right!

Outfits/accessories from going out

Dress: Republic
Bandeau top: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look

Check out the bling ;) (this photo makes it look soo clutted lol)
Rings: Aspire (pink flower), H&M (thumb and rabbit)
Watch: ASOS
Bracelet: Peacocks
Earrings: Superdrug
Nail varnish: Barry M Blueberry Ice cream and Boots 17 Miami Pop Palm Beach

Feeling Fruity

Bracelet: Peacocks
Ring: H&M
Nail varnish: Barry M Blueberry Ice cream and Boots 17 Miami Pop Palm Beach

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look
Bag and belt: ??? Probably vintage??
Bracelet: ASOS

Some of my buys:

Topman ring

New Shoes!!

These are my absolute babies. I still feel a bit ashamed I didn't wait for the sale...but my favourite colour in the whole wide world is probably aubergine (second is that wine colour!) and I was sooo desperate for them!! From Miss Selfridge.

And these are from Topshop. My heart usually sinks when I see the price of Topshop shoes but these were just £15!! Should have been 70 I think.

I've been so busy with work and preparing to go to uni, but obviously I've fitted in a bit of shopping ;) I've bought some outfits for Freshers week, because there's a good mix of both wild and formal events (including matriculation- how posh is that???!) and I can't wait to post all my outfits, will make it a freshers week special post. :) Also can't wait to take proper Outfit Of The Day Posts whenever I like, rather than only when I'm not working lol, the tripod will be the first thing in the car. Also bought loads of false nails ready to be filled with nail art, I can't wait to be able to wear them and post piccies on here!

Hope you're all well, will post again soon

Cait xxx