Monday, 17 October 2011

Freshers Week!

Heyy, sorry its been a while since I posted last!

Obviously I'm now at uni, and as promised here is a collection of my outfits from Freshers Week!

Moving in:
Because it's such a long way to travel and I wanted to move in fairly early in the day, we went up the night before and stayed in a Premier Inn which was very nice. This is my outfit for moving in- complete with my new Patrick Cox bag!! Remember I bought it ages ago and was saving it for uni? Well I finally got it out and here it is.
My trousers are new too, from Republic, as is my shirt. The brogues are River Island.

Watch: ASOS
Bracelet: British Heart Foundation

First night:
When we first arrived we had the welcome dinner, which we had to dress formally for, but afterwards was this 'disco'. So I opted for my Topshop dress, Topshop heels and H&M blazer which I planned to take off for the disco, but the country was having the weirdest heatwave ever and it was boiling in the marquee so I took it off pretty quickly. Check out my awesome name sticker too ;)

Ooh dear, I look a bit moody...sorry!

This was our formal enrollment into the university at Durham Cathedral. Was really posh! We're one of the only colleges that doesn't wear gowns so we just had to dress formally. The dress is from Primark, but the only downside was it was a very windy day!!!! Cringe. I paired it with my charity shop blazer. Sorry you can't see it full-length, bad blogger. But I was just wearing my New Look loafers with it.

Pretty or what?? (not the people in the way)

The night after Matriculation was cavegirl themed. Decided to go all out and found this amazing fancy dress shop in Durham, where I bought the skirt for £4.50 and the jewellery was a couple of quid too. Oh and the massive bone of course. Not bad, eh?

Sorry for poor quality, had to crop it! :/

Bag: Topshop
Shoes: New Look
First lecture:

Yup, that's right, the 9am lectures began in the middle of freshers week. Needless to say I was sleeping through them as the freshers events were still going on and ending at 3am, so that'll be why I look less than fresh-faced!!

Shoes: New Look
Top: ASOS men
Cardigan: H&M

Trousers: Republic
Harmonica Necklace: COW vintage

College Colours night:
This is when we had to cover people in the colour of our college- red. I looked like I'd been murdered by the end of the night, had red aaaalll over my face!!!
Skirt: ASOS

See what I mean??!

Black Tie Boat Trip:
Well this event was supposed to be black tie, but it the end everyone just went kinda-formal. I wore my black AX Paris maxi dress. Again, no full-length pictures, sorry.

Earrings: New Look

View from the boat

Random night out:
I gotta apologise for the rubbishness of these photos...I bought my tripod with me so why I don't take proper photos with me before I go out I don't know!!! Anyway I've cropped these pictures as best as possible lol. My dress is from Republic, my bag is New Look and I wore it with my Miss Selfridge shoes that I blogged about here.
I'm wearing my new necklace though, its from Topshop and I love it; I think its just so simple, plus, it reminds me of the one Finn gave Rachel <3 (#gleek !)

After a drink I tend to pull stupid faces...

Yup, was my birthday during freshers! :) My flatmates were so funny, they got me this card with shoes on the front, cos they already know me so well ;) and cake. And they attached a balloon to my door, and let's be honest, it does look a lot like me lol.

Me cutting my cake
Are you ready to see what I'm most proud of though?...
I couldn't find a shoe rack I liked anywhere at home and pretty soon after arriving here it became really clear I needed one desperately. So we took a nice trip to Wilkinsons and I found one...that you had to assemble yourself. I was so daunted, I thought I really needed a man to do it for me (Sorry girls, I hate to have that attitude, but do I look like I can do DIY??!). Anyway, I managed it!!! :D I used a key instead of a screwdriver as well ;)


Getting my tripod all set now- I'm determined to put up better pictures next time!! Apologies again.

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Cait xxx

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