Monday, 24 October 2011

Geek Chic

So the other night was geek-themed and this is my outfit.....

The top I actually bought recently from River Island, I do plan on wearing it normally, probably with leggings because it quite long, but it seemed perfect for geeking it up! I bought the braces aaages ago from H&M because I knew I'd need them at some point ;)
The shorts are Dorothy Perkins and socks are ASOS.

What do you think of these maths nails as well?? Pretty shoddy job if I'm honest lol, but I was doing them a, in a rush and b, after a drink haha

The geek night turned into a proper geeky night though...instead of going out, I went to pre-drinks for a bit then stayed in and worked!! Shameful.


1 comment:

hayley86bright said...

I love your top. Well done with your geek chic outfit too lol xx