Friday, 24 June 2011

Geia sas!!

Ooh sorry for the big gap between posts!!! Obviously I went away for a week, intended to post before I left but couldn't find the time, and then since I came back I've just been working.

But now I can share with you my holiday snaps!

Zante was amazing, we basically just went out for cocktails every night and chilled out during the day, which was really nice. But everything's really casual over there so going out in shorts and flip flops felt a bit weird but was actually pretty cool!

Ok so my flight outfit was a maxi dress. I'd never flown before and was really nervous but actually I love flying now.

I must have tried on so many maxi dresses and I've finally discovered the secret to not looking too busty and pregnant...waistbands! I've just found the most flattering style is when they come in at the waist, which is something I tend to go for with most clothes anyway, like I'll put a belt on practically any outfit, but I just know with maxi dresses I'll look dreadful if I don't pick it carefully.

Maxi dress:

Flip flops: TK Maxx

And here are some other outfits from the trip:

This is what I wore for the first evening. Apologies for mirror photo, my friend was too busy sunbathing (can't blame her) and I didn't think to bring my tripod! Similar shirt-and-shorts combination to come.

Top: MButterfly

Shorts: Dorothy Perkins



On the balcony. I really wish I'd put a belt on with this outfit, I usually do!



Skirt: H&M

Sandals: Primark

Last night! :( I love this shirt. Its quite obviously just a checked shirt cut up a bit to make it cropped, sleeveless and tie-able, but I do love it. On the last night we went out then took a trip to the beach to watch the sun rise...only went for a paddle initially but somehow came back drenched, gutted! I think my top's survived...

Top: COW Vintage Store

Shorts: New Look

Sandals: Primark

And this is the gorgeous sunrise on our last morning- taken whilst absolutely soaked and covered in sand from our swim!!

Ready to go out! The heels were a biiig mistake in the end...turns out the roads in Zante are not like those in Birmingham, whoops! But I love this playsuit. In fact, I love Missguided, and I love prints. The two are a bit of a cheeky obsession of mine, I go mad for pretty much anything patterned, and Missguided are fab I think, mostly because of their reasonable pricing. Apologies for my hair and lack of make up here, this photo was taken before I was properly ready!

And here I am, cocktail in hand. Nail polish is Barry M Berry Ice Cream. I went a bit mad for the Barry M pastille colour range recently, I'm wearing the Blueberry Ice Cream shade in other photos.


Shoes: Next

Aaannd finally, this is my absolute favourite outfit, really think I'm nailing the neon colours for S/S 11 here...! ;)

Will post again soon, I promise!!

Cait xxx

Ps: Ooh, thank you so much for the comments! I have kept trying to reply on there but it won't let me?? Also won't let me comment on your own blogs :( So sorry and thank you :)

Pps. The title means 'Hello' in Greek...I didn't actually learn much Greek to be honest, but I tried..!

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Stephanie said...

Great photos, I wish I was going on holiday this year!