Sunday, 26 June 2011

New buys!


Ok definitely need to start saving now...hoping to go away to Barcelona and Prague and somewhere else in the UK too but I'm just addicted to shopping!! Definitely gotta start doing extra shifts...

Anyway, totally worth it, cos check out my new buys!!

Shoes: Topshop

I plan to wear these with cute white socks on a night out. I know that can make an outfit too slutty though so I'm thinking with just pretty dresses to keep it cool, not like an Ann Summers school girl outfit..! I know the heel looks super high on these but somehow I have mastered the art of walking in sky-high heels, so long as they have a strap across, and T-Bars are perfect. I love Topshop shoes, thank god these were in the sale! They're definitely my new babies <3

Dress: Topshop

Bought at the same time as my shoes- yes I love to max out that card!! I adore the print on this dress- feels sort of vintagey because its so unique. It's actually a lot more sheer than the website shows, so I've got a slip to go underneath it. Will have to show you when I wear it, because it makes the dress look a lot less sort-of frumpy than it may appear.

Watch: ASOS

I fancied a new posh watch for a while, and was looking at this Marc Jacobs one, but when I tried in on in Selfridges, I wasn't sold. Anyway, I also found this one, and really loved it, I just hadn't got round to buying it. Then at the airport in Zante the girl in front of me had it on and I was like "That's it, I'm getting it as soon as I'm home!", and by chance it was reduced- woop!! ASOS is being slow with delivery though so I haven't actually tried it on yet...hope it looks ok!! I love the hearts on it, think it looks so cute.

Ooh guys, I should have mentioned before, here's my Twitter!! I'll tweet when I've posted so you'll never miss out ;) haha

Now time to organise some extra shifts and selling on eBay...definitely need the money now...!

Cait xxx

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