Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday Wishlist (NEW!)

I've decided to have a new weekly post called 'Wednesday Wishlist'. Because if I can't afford all the beautiful things I want, I may as well share them with you!

1. Top of my list this week is this beautiful cape. It is just amazing!

2. These shorts are just perfect for the party season, without being too dressy. I think I may have to have them.

3.  It may be just my fascination with the human body (ooh, hang on, I'm sure that's a quote from my med school application...!) but I do love ribs and bones detail, for example this is one of my favourite tops. These tights may have been initially for Halloween but I would wear them all year round! My only wonder is...who would go out in public with the hip bones on show??!...
Oh, and by the way, if you see any tops with bones on, or I particularly want a skeleton jumper, please let me know :)

4. I've been wanting these leggings for a while now, and I think I will buy them. I just have soo many pairs of plain black leggings, I would like to have some that are a bit more interesting, like these, plus if you haven't noticed by now I do love a bit lot of leopard print!!

5. Another pair of shorts here. I'm really loving leather shorts, but the colour of these are so funky without being too ridiculously bright. And £19.99? Bargain!

What do you think? And what's top of your wishlist this Wednesday?

Much love,
Cait xxx


Anonymous said...

Caitlin you're a nerd :P

Pretty Polly said...

Great blog Cait! We love that the Bones are in your Wednesday Wishlist. You may be interested to read our blog if you get a minute...we posted an article about House of Holland's new Pre SS12 collection featuring the Bones tights just yesterday :)We're loving all fashion things bones related right now!

Take care,
PP x
Our blog:

Anonymous said...

Love for the anonymous post below :)

Anonymous said...


Scrubs by day, stilettos by night... said...

Thanks for all the comments!! :)
Pretty Polly, will definitely be checking out the blog regularly!! xxx