Friday, 22 July 2011

Eyeko Review

Ok so as promised here's the review of the Eyeko products I bought!!

So I bought these two Graffiti Eyeliner Pens in purple and black- my first purchase from Eyeko. They are brilliant. I have never really used liquid eyeliner because I remember trying it once and ending up with a wibbly-wobbly line that wasn't close enough to my lashes line. But these are just like felt tip pens so make application really, really easy, whilst giving a result that's as clear, precise and smooth as liquid eyeliner! To show you here I've done the standard black line and then added some purple too. I'm tempted to get the navy blue one now too..!

 ^Just black^

^with purple^

They're such good prices as well- £5.50 each, not bad, eh? I know I still need a lot of practice, those lines are quite wonky haha. I like how the purple isn't really obvious in these photos, but it does add a certain brightness and jazzes up the black a bit. Personally I like this look too because I think its fairly obvious despite being behind my glasses- complications with my eyes mean I can never wear contacts and sometimes I've felt there's no point in me wearing eye make up because nobody would notice behind the glasses, but I don't think that's necessarily true for this look.

I read a review of this Fat Balm Frosting with SPF 15 and instantly decided to get it, hoping the colour would suit me and I think it does! Has a lovely, shimmery sheen to it without looking too much, so I'd feel comfortable wearing it during the day as an alternative to bright lipstick, plus your lips feel super soft and not dried out at all. Tastes Smells like cupcakes too! Yum yum.

Usually I'd wear a little bit of blusher, but because of the coloured balm I chose not to- I'm not a fan of wearing too much make up, worried I'd look like a drag queen haha.

And I found an ambassador code too, so I received this Line and Shine Duo Colour Pencil as a free gift! The one I received was Super Star, so one end is Plum and the other is Electric Purple.
Think it looks really pretty. It's really smooth and creamy on application, and blends so so well. I wasn't really sure how best to use it to be honest, so I've smudged it up to cover the eyelids, though I wanna have a bit more of an experiment with it to try a few more looks. It's quite a big pencil though, so its more for thick application compared to say, a little eye pencil where you might be able to put a subtle line around the eyes to add just a hint of colour or sparkle. I quite fancy this pencil in Rock Star- that's the black glitter and silver one.

Ooh its a bit creepy just having shots of my eyes...! Haha
So there you go! Will order again from Eyeko I'm sure. The delivery was super fast as well, think I made the order on Wednesday, was despatched on Thursday and arrived on Saturday! Really good products over all I reckon.

In other news, check out my new hair and cartilage piercing!!

Got half a head of highlights done at Bad Apple hairdressers today, they were absolutely brilliant (for any Brummie readers!). Took 5 and a half hours including the cut and Kerastase treatment because my hair's so thick, but it was so worth it in the end, and they- surprisingly given how fed up I get- didn't get annoyed at how much effort my hair takes haha. The colour technician, Michelle, was fab though; I was worried my hair looked really stripy last time I had highlights somewhere else, but I think she blended them so so well. :)

Cait xxx


Temporary:Secretary said...

i LOVE Eyeko, i've bought the pen too, they're great! Hope you've entered the giveaway on Eyeko's Facebook :) We've teamed up with them and they're giving away some of our jewellery, plus make up! xxx

Czarina said...

You have such a pretty shaped lips!. The color looks great on you.(: