Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Girls night out...on the train..!

Here's an outfit from when I went out the other night! I'd post a photo from the night but apart from the train ones, there are none I look sober in...hmm...
I've been desperate to wear these patterned shoes for ages, but was being a bit cautious about what they'd go with. Finally got to wear them with this cream dress though.

Shoes: Debenhams
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Primark
Earrings: Who knows! Were my friends and I lost one.. :/

I bought a similar dress today, just from one of those really cheap shops, except its black and is more skater style. They did it in cream though and I am kinda tempted to buy it too....!
I love this one though cos it looked quite posh for going out, but will still be so easy to style for daytime, like with brogues and a denim jacket, so its a winner for me!

Made a biiigg ASOS order today (naughty me, should be saving!!), including these two pairs of boots because I couldn't decided which colour- somebody must make sure I do return one pair!!!
Which colour do you prefer?

Cait xxx


Lottie said...

i love the black pair! great shoes and blog!
Please visit my blog, would be an honour
It's fashion damnit

Sianna said...

cute dress =)