Saturday, 16 July 2011

I heart vintage


I've had a lovely day today; went shopping with my sister, first in central Birmingham but then we ventured to Kings Heath which has amazing charity shops and also a vintage fare on today! Was fab. Top buys have to be my two bags.. Check them out!

This teal one is gorgeous I think. Big enough for folders and all that, but still cool, I love the colour. I was really wanting a Cambridge Satchel, but I know I can't afford one of them aha.

This black one may look pretty simple but it's perfect for everyday shopping and work because its not too big. I'm considering tying a pretty scarf onto it though, hmm...

Now this, I love. Unfortunately I didn't get it (seriously, when on earth would I wear that? Takes a very cool person to pull that off, I'm currently trying to think of celebrities who could make it work...errrmm...nope, can't think of any!), it is pretty awesome though.

Aand this is my outfit of the day- wearing my new boots and top from ASOS! :)

Jacket: Topshop
Leggings: Marks & Spencer
Boots: ASOS
Bag: H&M
(clearly not very vintage hmm... :/ )

Really need to get my camera fixed, you can hardly see things on these photos :(

Next post will be my Eyeko products review. I haven't had a chance to properly take photos of the make up, will have to do it tomorrow!

Speak soon

Cait xxx


Temporary:Secretary said...

I love eyeko, can't wait for your review!
We've been working with them and have collaborated with eyeko, keep your eyes peeled for their weekend comps (you can win make up and temporary:secretary jewellery!) :) xxx

Mickey said...

I LOVE the teal bag! So jealous!
I followed you. Check ot my blog and follow we if you like!


Emily said...

Really like your top and denim jacket, you look lovely!xx

Dani said...

loving the teal bag, great choice! as for the clown cardigan i nominate one of the olsen twins to pull it off??
Love dani your new follower xx

Jessica said...

Thanks for following :)
great blog, Kings Heath is AMAZING for a bit of charity shop loving, always love the bullring though!