Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why I want to win the lottery...

If I wasn't really poor right now, these lovely items would be finding their way to my door. Unfortunately, when I'm not saving I have a terrible habit of frittering my money away on things like lipbalms that bring me out in a rash, cheesestrings and Rubicon.... *


1. How cute is this kimono-style cardi?? I love the print and I think the colours would go with lots of things, they look suitable for now and into winter.
2. The thing I love about jumpsuits like this one is that worn during the day, they look really cool and not overdressed, even if you're just going shopping. Yet at night, slip on a pair of heels and add a cute little clutch bag and you look ready to party! Bet this is really comfy as well- and no flashing-panties wardrobe malfunctions- win!
3. This wine colour is my new favourite, I first fell in love with it on these palazzo pants, but I think its also gorgeous on this dress. It makes it a bit more exciting than your classic LBD, but not too bright and inyourface.
4. This jacket really caught my eye. The colour is really cool, I love the biker style, but most exciting is the lace detail! Really adds something different and interesting and makes it not as tough yet quite sexy.
5. The colour on this top is really cool, but check out the back! I love the buttons! And the black trimming on it too. I'd wear this with practically everything; jeans, bodycon skirt, leggings, blazer, cardigan, denim versatile!


1. As I've previously mentioned, I love prints, and this one is gorgeous I think. Reminds me a bit of the dress I wore out the other night (post to come)
2. And again this print on the bandeau top is similar. I sort of considered getting it to wear under a sheer top but I don't think that'd do it justice to be honest, but I don't feel confident enough to wear it alone :(
3. Ooh and on a playsuit! This I probably will buy. My justification? Since it's navy I can wear it on nights out with black tights and heels when it's chilly, or bare-legged with sandals while the sun is still (sort of) shining!
4. These shoes are so so cool, I love the chunky heels combined with the mix of colours. I can imagine them being worn with a split-side maxi skirt. Sadly I have restricted myself to buying winter-closed-toe shoes only now, so gutted.
5. I've seen the stars and stripes print on shorts and stuff and I really like it, and now on a bandeau top! Love it. Same dilemma as before though :(

New Look

 1.This bag! <3 Kinda think I've fell in love with the price as much as the style haha, but I'm having a bit of a thing for bags right now, especially the padlock detail that's been appearing a lot recently (D&G seem to love them and a lot of the mock Hermes Kelly bags feature them too). I just can't choose which colour I'd have! Maybe the yellow??
2. Know why I love these boots so much? Not only would they look brilliant with all kinds of jeans and coloured trousers, they're perfect for keeping your toesies warm when worn with dresses on a night out- because nobody will notice if you wear socks!! This is why I put myself on ban of all open-toe shoes haha.

3. I know I'm a bit late on the pink blazer trend (I still remember when Miranda Kerr wore one and everyone wanted to know where it was from), but I saw this one on New Look and I really want it... I love how Miranda Kerr wore it with the most basic of outfits- a plain white vest and jeans- and it instantly brightened it up and looked so effortlessly cool. I have a thing for blazers with the sleeves rolled up- never ever down for some reason- and since I posted my outfit featuring my grey one I've since bought three more!! Love the androgynous look- how is possible that dressing manly can be made so sexy??

I hope I haven't depressed you all with all these wintery things, I'm just trying to avoid looking at all the gorgeous things that I'd freeze to death in when I'm at uni up North haha.

Has everyone been watching Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model?? I think it's fab. On Monday though they all wore the black dress that I'd rung round all Miss Selfridge stores trying to find- so gutted I'll never look as good as nearly-models do in it!!
The wedges are Missguided (no longer available in black, but here in rust)
Please excuse the drunken photos haha

Cait xxx

*Ok actually as proven by my previous posts, quite clearly not all my money goes into my savings or spent in convenience stores...I admit I do spend a lot on clothes, shoes, bags, make up, etc etc....!!


Siobhan said...

Knowing you, I suspect that if you *did* actually win the lottery you'd develop far more expensive taste than that... Designer goodies all round! I do like the star print playsuit though, navy is a good colour choice. S xx

Hero and Cape said...

LOVE the shoes in the 2nd set. WANT! x

fashionismyh2o said...

Oh wow you've officially made me drool over practically everything you've listed! I especialy LOVE the missguided kimono + lacey blazer infact I literally had to talk myself out of ordering the blazer the other day :p the republic dress is just amaazinh too and your photos are great! Gorgeous girly :)


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